Why is that: Taking Up an Instrument

Taking up an instrument is an activity many kids do. Why is that? One, because it has been proven to be good for the mind. Two, because you learn how to read music, and Three, because it’s just plain fun!

Why do you want to take up an instrument? Is it to be in your school band or orchestra? Is it for the sake of being able to play? Is it because you enjoy music and playing instruments?  Why do you want to play an instrument? Some houses have a piano or a guitar in them. Finding simple music and learning how to read can be achieved with a few videos. Don’t have an instrument? Schools have band and orchestras and you can rent instruments. Have Neither? Small drums, tambourines, and music sticks are fairly cheap and can be found in most stores. Tell us what instruments you wanna take up or are already playing!


2 thoughts on “Why is that: Taking Up an Instrument”

  1. I love music. It has been a huge part of my life. Music was with me when times got really tough. The first instrument I learned how to and currently play is the alto sax. I’m also learning how to play the guitar. The second instrument I know how to play, would be my voice. Haha!!!

    1. That’s great! I guess I should say my first instrument I learned how to play was my voice. I’ve never thought about it that way! Thanks for commenting.

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