Holiday cookie exchange

Yesterday we had a delicious cookie exchange with our neighbors, and all morning my family and I were cooking, cleaning, and getting ready. I snagged a few pictures of these Holiday Spirit Scenes:




On another note, my school gets out this Thursday! *cheers from my school can be heard for miles* I’m flying to my family this year, enjoying presents in 70 degree weather.


Life Hacks!


yum and um, this would’ve been helpful lots of times

life hack

No. Just, no. Don’t do this. This is stealing.  


You have no idea how many times I’ve used this with friends over (Instant Dance Party)

Because I cannot get enough of food:



Why look back when there is only the future?

Why weep over something that has already happened?

Because we’re human. What do you expect?

To leave what we love? To leave what we learned to rely on? No.

Why wish to change it if it already happened?

Because there was another way. Another Potential outcome. It could have turned out better, even if there is nothing to do now.


It’s human nature.

Indie Music

Hai guys! I’m currently in love with indie music and I’ve been listening to this one for a while that I thought would be interesting to write about. Mumford & Sons is a British Folk Rock band with some really good songs. (Here is there website

Some other Indie songs/ bands I’ve been listening to are things like Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes (that song really sends a spark through me), Arctic Monkeys, Daylight by Matt and Kim, and Lana Del Rey.

On another note involving music, I’ve been listening to my mom’s old record player with her Beatles discs…

There is absolutely nothing better than listening to the record player with green tea while procrastinating to do your homework.

Keep swimming through that sea of music


Fall Fashion

Now that it’s officially sweater weather, let’s talk about what you should wear with those sweaters!
Boots are a good idea-


Some warm jackets (denim and hoodies layered together look really good)


Some jeans/ jeggings whatever keeps you comfy, cozy, and warm.


Oh, and of course, try out this braid and beanie hairstyle!


Stay warm my swimming turtles!
-seven blue sketches


One great way to stay happy is to count your blessings. Do this by listing what you’re grateful for! Every evening/ afternoon, take a journal and list what you’re grateful for. For example:



Today I was so grateful for that duct tape. It saved my project! Lisa helped me after I dropped my book in the hallway just as the bell rang, I was so thankful. And the fact that there was air-conditioning right where I was sitting after being in a blaring sun for lunch.

What were you grateful for today?

Seven Blue Sketches


Oh Hai guys!  As many of you now, it’s fall! Yay! Pumpkin flavored everything, candles, oversized sweaters, tea, cold walks, and…. chapped lips?! One of the worst things about fall are chapped lips. But if you want to beat the peeling dry lips and straight to the hot chocolate, than here are some tips for you.

1. Exfoliate! Every 3 days, exfoliate your lips. This will  get all the dead dry skin off. You can use an old clean toothbrush to do the job, or you can make your own scrub using olive oil, Brown sugar, and Vaseline.

2. Moisturize


(Doctor who reference, for all you non-  DW fans) Drink lots of water, about 6-8 cups a day, and when they feel especially dry, dab some olive oil on them using a tissue. Apply chapstick or burtsbees and be on your way! Warning: DO NOT USE LIPSTICK, LIP BALM, OR LIP GLOSS TO MOISTURIZE YOUR LIPS

3. Protect. If the weather in your area is brisk and cold, wear a scarf and a heavy layer if chapstick over your lips.

Hope this helped you! As always, this has been SevenBlueSketches


Keep on swimming, Seven Blue Sketches

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