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Holiday cookie exchange

Yesterday we had a delicious cookie exchange with our neighbors, and all morning my family and I were cooking, cleaning, and getting ready. I snagged a few pictures of these Holiday Spirit Scenes:




On another note, my school gets out this Thursday! *cheers from my school can be heard for miles* I’m flying to my family this year, enjoying presents in 70 degree weather.



Why look back when there is only the future?

Why weep over something that has already happened?

Because we’re human. What do you expect?

To leave what we love? To leave what we learned to rely on? No.

Why wish to change it if it already happened?

Because there was another way. Another Potential outcome. It could have turned out better, even if there is nothing to do now.


It’s human nature.


A few Saturdays ago I went to this amazing wedding- with a steam punk theme! Hats, Gears, Candles, holders, dresses, bow-ties, you name it! There were delicious cupcakes with engraved chocolate gears, tootsie roll top hat replicas of the grooms, cake-pops, and caramel filling. I never knew what it was like to be extremely full until now. Additionally, my brother had an epic dance battle with a “pro”, and I caught the bouquet! Can someone say best wedding ever? What weddings, (or even better, themed) have you been to? -Seven Blue Sketches


Traveling- actually one of the reasons I haven’t been posting! Many people have been traveling this summer, from the beach to the mountains. Far and wide, too! From another continent to another state, traveling is very common. Visiting other places near and far are great chances to experience other cultures, see historical sites such as buildings, become well-rounded, visit family, and most importantly, have fun! Some places I want to travel to include-

*Tokyo, Japan

*New York, USA

*Paris, France

Any dream places you have and want to travel to?

-Seven Blue Sketches


Tonight I was catching fireflies with both of my little brothers. We’d put them in the jars and then release them, what a pretty site they were! As I saw one a few feet a head of me, I dived for it and caught it! Unfortunately, I didn’t catch it to well. You can see in the picture below what went wrong.


Can’t see the picture, or it’s to dark? I caught it in between the palms of my hands, crushing it. My hand glowed for the rest of the night.  Have you ever went around and caught fireflies with friends? Post in the comments below!