The False Prince

My ELAR teacher has give us a forty book challenge over the year, which includes reading 40 books of varied genres.

One of the books I have read, titled The False Prince, is about an orphan boy who has the chance to become king- though it contains more plot twists then one. Rated 4.5/5 by Barnes and Noble, this book by Jennifer A. Nielsen has a medieval feel throughout. Follow Sage on his quest to prove himself, though not the way you might expect. The False Prince is one of three books from the Ascendance Trilogy. Read and comment what you think!

-Seven Blue Sketches.


Plain (White) Tee’s

The Plain White Tee’s is a popular band that songs the song, “Hey there Delilah,” and has amazing songs.
But what about the style? Plain White Tee’s are great with a:
-bright scarf
-a feather necklace
-a big purse.

Not only do these look great on white tees, but multiple colors as well.

Too hot for tees? Tank tops work just as well as substitutes.

What are your favorite accessories to have with a plain t-shirt? Post in the comments below!


Keep on swimming, Seven Blue Sketches

How To: Take Care Of Your Hair

Many girls (or Guys!)  in sixth grade have damaged or poorly taken care of hair. How should we fix that? A trip to Tony and Guy Academy  yielded a stylish haircut, and great hair tips. Here are some I’ve collected and learned:

Brushing hair- When brushing your hair, get a brush that is suited for your hair type. After a shower, it’s OK to brush hair it is better to comb your hair than to brush it, as brushing weakens it and can cause it to break and get damaged.

Tips on Washing Hair-

-Use Lukewarm to Cold water when cleaning hair     – When Conditioning hair, leave it in for a few minutes, then wash it out at the end of your shower    -Wash your hair every day if it’s oily, every other day if it’s normal, and every 2-3 days if it’s dry. -Instead of using shampoo each time you take a shower, co-wash it *(using conditioner only). Don’t do this if you get sweaty/ and or hair gets dirty easily.

Shampoo and Conditioner

When shopping for shampoo and conditioner, get one that is good for your hair type. Curly, Straight, Frizzy, Weak, Thick , Thin, etc. Leave in conditioner is optional, but great for your hair. For more styling tips on your hair type, ask around, and the internet has great resources.

*This doesn’t mean to not shampoo your hair! Do it once to twice a week if you choose to co-wash it.

ESCape: Prologue






ESCape: Prologue is an escape game set in the future around 2020. It contains a cartoony setting, and your character a stick figure. The house has nothing you can survive on for long. So, finding your way out would be essential. But feel free to play in the house until you get bored!

How fast can you do it in? Beat my record:  3:30.5


PSST! Game secret here…

To find a cool gaming glitch, follow these steps.

1. Go to the left of the option “START GAME”

2. You will now find your character near the title of the game.

3. Keep going right to find a surprise!



-Seven Blue Sketches

What is That: Writers Block

Do you guys know what writers block is?  No, that doesn’t sound good.

Writers Block, have you guys ever experienced it? Hmm…Still not good enough.

Writers Block; the problem through out the ages We are trying to write a post, not an essay and bore the readers.

Have any of you ever had writers block as bad as this? Comment on a time you’ve had writers block, and really needed to write!


A few Saturdays ago I went to this amazing wedding- with a steam punk theme! Hats, Gears, Candles, holders, dresses, bow-ties, you name it! There were delicious cupcakes with engraved chocolate gears, tootsie roll top hat replicas of the grooms, cake-pops, and caramel filling. I never knew what it was like to be extremely full until now. Additionally, my brother had an epic dance battle with a “pro”, and I caught the bouquet! Can someone say best wedding ever? What weddings, (or even better, themed) have you been to? -Seven Blue Sketches


Traveling- actually one of the reasons I haven’t been posting! Many people have been traveling this summer, from the beach to the mountains. Far and wide, too! From another continent to another state, traveling is very common. Visiting other places near and far are great chances to experience other cultures, see historical sites such as buildings, become well-rounded, visit family, and most importantly, have fun! Some places I want to travel to include-

*Tokyo, Japan

*New York, USA

*Paris, France

Any dream places you have and want to travel to?

-Seven Blue Sketches

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